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Capstone Project.

 How has the entertainment industry been impacted by the pandemic? 

For my Capstone Project this year I will be looking into different aspects of the entertainment industry and how the pandemic has affected the live entertainment industry as well as the workers within them.

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Current Information:

Thesis:  The Covid pandemic had a large financial impact on the live theater and television industries particularly the workers in them, which highlights the need to improve worker rights and the changes needed to create sustainability in the industry overall. 


Here are a few of the most helpful resources I have found during my research so far...

Primary Sources
Annotated Bibliography

Key Learning

My learning so far has been everything encompassed within the live entertainment industry specifically within live theater, music and television. Some of the most important things i have discovered so far include: 

  • If you do not work, you do not receive healthcare 

  • Each industry within live entertainment is incredibly different and comes with its own challenges 

  • The industry is incredible unstable just because someone has stable work now does not mean it will last 

  • The industry is a growing ever changing environment, you have to be ready for anything. 

  • Post - Pandemic many things have changed and most industries within the arts are still trying to make a recovery. 


Surrounding my project topic I am in the process of creating three products to share my information to a broader audience. Learn more about each product down below!

Product 1: Research Paper

To further explore my topic I have written a research paper titled “Worker’s Rights and Sustainability: The Effects of the COVID 19 - Pandemic on the Entertainment Industry” linked below is my paper along with some highlights as well! 

Read my full paper here!

“ As the world moves into the years to become post-pandemic, it is important to realize that changes must  be made to further improve and regain the life and success of the Live Entertainment Industry. Such as: better representation, and community engagement in everyday life to form a respect for the arts within communities.” 

“Looking toward the future of the live Entertainment industry, better representation of the arts is needed to be able to have an arts and culture sector that is back to thriving as it used to be.”

Product 2: Infographic

To share some of the knowledge I have gathered, I have created an infographic using Canva to represent the Post - Pandemic situation of Broadway as well as provide a little insight to the life of a performer or crew member within the performing arts. As a visual learner myself I wanted to represent my second product related to my topic with something that is pleasing to the eye and a bit easier to understand and appreciate. Enjoy!  

Product 3: Documentary

As a way to share the knowledge I have gathered on my topic, and how it has grown over this past year. I have created a documentary surrounding the industry's post - pandemic situation. Throughout this process I conducted a series of interviews with professionals within the Live Entertainment industry willing to share their own stories of how they made it through the past years. I hope that anyone who takes the time to enjoy this documentary will learn something about the state of Live Entertainment through the storytellers who make it possible.

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All Videos

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